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Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter/Resurrection Everyday

Two women, two angels, and a dead body walk into a bar.

Wait, wait. Don’t make a joke of this day.

It is Resurrection Sunday.

The day pews fill with guilty faces.

The pastor begins.

Hymn #1: Christ Arose

Suits and flowery dresses

Chanting so Peter will write their names down.

Hymn #2: In the Garden

“Our father who art in heaven

Name and such. Thy kingdom or will is nice

Forgive us our daily bread and love, amen...”

Offering plates in your face

Fifty, one hundred dollar bills fall in.

“Maybe Peter will see how much I gave.”

Sweat makes bills soggy and sticky.

Sermon: Jesus is alive and stuff

Shouts of amen and halleluiah

Silent prayers of thankfulness

permeate the air.

Last Hymn: He Lives

Whew, JC is back for another year.

“Thanks Pastor, you always nail it.”

“Come on, kids. Let’s have brunch!”

Maybe he should have stayed dead this year.

Maybe that would make people more conscious.

Zachary Rodriguez -

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